This is a story of how God worked between the family relationship and led my Father of the household to Salvation.

I was raised in an amazing family where I never experienced financial difficulties. always getting what I wanted. I was able to travel to different countries because of my Father’s work. However, looking back to my life, I never felt like I was connected to my family.
Before coming to Christ, since I spent most of my life separated from my Father, I barely had time to build a relationship with him. I was not able to get to know him, or know how my he feels, how he thinks of me, etc. Somehow I was always trying to prove my value by going to good University and earning the Status. Ultimately, I felt like I was not loved by him and bitterness started to accumulate inside my heart that just being in the same space with him made me feel frustrated. However1 year after my salvation, Holy Spirit led me to forgive my Father. Everything started to change from the moment I forgave him completely. Since then, I became aware of how lovely my Father is, how much I was loved, how much God loves my Father. That week, he started to come to church and received Jesus 3 months later with tears.
The relationship with my Father completely changed since then. Now we would share our heart, we would also talk about how much we love Jesus!

Another surprising fact is that my Father is going to Ministry School (AASM) with me from September! (My mother is also considering)

Simple encouragement to you guys! God is the Father who always listens to our prayer, who has a heart for the restoration of Family relationship!

What me and my Father shares often is “In any circumstances, we want to have Jesus in the center of our Family.” I pray that God will restore more and more family relationships not just in Asia but all over the world.